Club Éclectique is an exclusive society for those who enjoy both intellectual evenings and social events.

Soiree Éclectique are held several times a year in different European cities.
Discerning guests, captivating performances, delectable cuisine… all part of every event with Club Eclectique.


Dear friends, we are just about to welcome you at our events in the most fascinating cities around the world! See you very soon!


Andrey Kurpatov

Andrey Kurpatov "Can the brain make us happy?"

Is the brain capable of being happy, and how to make us happy? The answer is on the lecture of Andrey Kurpatov on October 11 at The Royal Geographical Society, London.
Alexander Tsypkin

Alexander Tsypkin "Unprincipled Readings"

Club Eclectique and RSVP together with the jewelry house Faidee cordially invite to 
the most secular event on the Cote d'Azur!