Author Anna Nasobina

Stories from the past on the Lake Como

Stories from the past on the Lake Como

What's better than travels with unforgettable experience? The world is still full of mysterious and mystic stories originating in the distant past. "The lore of ages long gone by, in hoar antiquity compounded", still fires the minds and imagination of people. Each of the faces of beauty: literature, music, architecture, is someone's love story, tragedy, drama, human fates with their intricacies and paradoxes. It was always important to for me in any travel to get to know the events that took place there long before my birth, and I'd like to share this with you...

I think, I will start with one of the most precious spots of the globe, which really amazes with the number of attractions. It is about the lake Lago di Como, stretching in the north of Lombardy surrounded by Alpine mountains. On the shores of extremely deep and fabulously beautiful lake there are luxurious villas and parks that boggle imagination with the elegance of landscapes. One of the villas, as if built into the rocks surrounding it, until today stands out for its soundness and perfect style.

The story goes that the site for the villa was prepared by blasting the rocks surrounding the lake, and the one giving order to do this has been called “Prince Jackhammer”. Such a discordant nickname has been given to one of the most mysterious persons in the history. Prince Aleksandr Vasilyevich Trubetskoy - close friend and favorite of empress Aleksnadra Fedorovna, enjoyed companionship of two great poets – Aleksandr Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov, and comrade-in-arm of the ill-reputed Dantes. Prince himself and his fate continue to "become encrusted" with a mass of details of his close friendships, love affairs and participation in the lives of the famous historical figures. Being in repute with his affectionate nature, the Prince was valued high by the Empress. Emperor Nicholas I wife has given him a term of endearment – "Velvet" not only for nice languid eyes, but also apparently for delicate manners in close relations. History keeps in the dark details of this debonair, however it is known for certain that the Emperor who has not shared sympathy of his wife towards the Prince has not been same well disposed to him. Emperor Nicholas I hold Trubetskoy who was in love with famous ballet dance Marie Taglioni in Russia for ten years, and then sent into exile. Such an unfriendly attitude of the Emperor was caused not only by gallivant behavior but also freedom-love and cussedness.

Just one flourish... Prince Trubetskoy has decided to build an accurate copy of venetian palace Ca D'oro in locality near Moscow for his love mate. Famous Italian ballet dancer has not appreciate the location of the "gift", for which reason she has noted that she don't mind to have the original one... as you understand, the original – the most famous palazzo of Venezia situated at Grand Canal – has been given on a plate to the love of his life...

Nevertheless in September 1852 the Prince leaves abroad with the intention to stay out of Russia whereof he asks in his letter to Emperor. But the Emperor adopted intransigent attitude and claims out of favor Prince to be back to the native country. Meanwhile something big happens in Trubetskoy life. He get married but not to Marie Taglioni, who is ten years older than he, and to her daughter (according to some sources – to foster-daughter), young and pretty girl.

"To deprive Prince Trubetskoy of all the rights to estate and to consider him everlasting exile from society" – Distressing verdict of Emperor Nicholas I came quickly. Years have passed and Trubetskoy failed to tolerate the exile, comes back to Russia, where passes over in due time surrounded by friends and family members.

The Prince have has a good inning, making friends and enemies; he had six children, one of them with Marie Taglioni and five – in the legal marriage with her daughter.

His relashions with Pushkin are not obvious. A number of sources accuse Trubetskoy of involvement into intrigues resulted in duel of the great poet and Dantes. It is likely that we'll have a chance to find out more details providing insight into the events of the past.

In the meantime the placidity of the beautiful building on shore of the scenic Lake Como still attracts tourists striving to come to this part of the world with unchangeable interest.