Author Anna Nasobina

Oh that South coast, oh Nice ... F. Tyutchev

Oh that South coast, oh Nice ... F. Tyutchev

The French Riviera makes everyone who flies, like a butterfly on its iridescent casinos and restaurants, to go crazy. Conceived as one of the main centers of world art, Monaco, by the will of destinies, becomes indeed the main center, but in the entertainment industry. The spirit of the gamble Mecca today differs little from the past. At all times people came here to attempt to startle with dresses, jewelries, incredible winnings.

In the last century a new person appeared in the circle of Monte Carlo regulars.

Beautiful, stately, with beautiful manners, the lady took a seat at the roulette table and lost three hundred thousand francs in several hours. Keeping calm, the lady went to the "Hotel de Paris", where she had hired the suite the day before, the princess Suvorova, the famous grand-niece of the great commander, who was well known in Russian circles. Neither diamonds, nor amorous pleasures, nor secular entertainment captivated the soul of the hot-tempered beauty - only the gamble occupied her entirely. The princess spent many days and nights in her estate near Novgorod, studying numerous editions describing different, allegedly hundred-percent systems, promising big winnings. The princess considered one of them called “Martingale” as the most attractive. Suvorova considered the doubling of the stakes after the loss and her loyalty to the chosen number once and forever as an almost mystical winning algorithm, but those who play in the casino and at the races know how much changeable lady is the Dame Fortune. After losing all money in the casino of Baden-Baden the gambling aristocrat lady decides to develop her own system. Sleepless nights, mountains of papers covered with beaded handwriting, tables with figures sent by bribed European agents and, it seems, the recipe for winning is found. The great Russian classic immortalized in his novel three treasured cards: "three, seven, ace." Suvorova bet on the favorite number 10.

Only on the first day, in a few hours, the ball behaved like a bewitched one: the figure 10 fell out more than 20 times. "the Crazy Princess", as her contemporaries called her, spent eight nights in the casino, winning a huge sum of money.

The noble beauty arranges a dinner with an incredible scope, buying a villa on the Cote d'Azur for this, and then, as the legend says, she gives it to the "first comer" in the morning. Luxury attracts luxury, money flows into this region by a golden endless river. They never sleep here.

Game must go on!

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