Author Anna Nasobina

Signs of the time... Dead snap

Signs of the time... Dead snap

As a child, I liked looking at couples walking by the hand. A woman's small palm, trustingly invested in a man's strong, that is a symbol of the unity of masculinity and vulnerability. He is the leader, brave, able to hold and she is tender, giving, needing support. A classic picture, still popularized by melodramas and ladies' novels. As for life's realities, they soon reflect, rather than copy artistic fiction, and the role of the holder is by no means masculine.

Recently passing by a couple of lovers, I turned attention to some awkwardness in the movements of the guy who was trying to look something in his mobile phone. No wonder that the hand holding the phone could not function because of the girl who was too tightly pressed to it, who with both hands held the young man by the waist, almost a dead grip. The guy tried again to manipulate the phone, but without success. A tearful expression appeared on his face.

- Do not push me! Release hold! Let me...

I did not hear what the girl told him. I wanted to turn around and look at the next couple's actions, but good manners forced me to follow the planned path without peeking someone else life. Yes, the reality is that modern women for the most part hold their favored ones very tightly. These are human instincts. If something tends to slip out of your hands, then these hands will shrink in direct proportion to the increasing opportunity to miss the hold. The man, in turn, is also a man and he has instincts, and these instincts will strengthen his desire to break out of too strong embraces, in which it is possible to suffocate easily.

It is difficult to blame women for this, intimidated not only by the likely decrease in the male population, but also by the progressive extreme instability in male attachments.

And yet... if you want to hold, let go — this is the old, as the world and banal to primitiveness..., but it is the absolute truth!