Author Julia Polivoda

Be real, ask the impossible!


Be real, ask the impossible! If we are talking about changes for the better, then it is the only principle in life which can bring real changes. We live in the world where there are more prohibitions than permits. Add to external prohibitions your inner censor, inferiority complex and the picture is complete. In truth, not much is needed for the realization of this principle: well-developed imagination, understanding about the strengths of own personality and ability to think systemically.

There are people for whom impossible is not enough. They differ from others because they are not afraid to set ambitious goals and if they are afraid, they will never agree to less.

At whatever life stage we are, each of us can stop, sum up the situation, define its own resources without paying attention to everyone’s “it is impossible” and to fly up.

It is important to know that any rise in life is always a mix of general rules and recommendations on the one hand and correctly built algorithm of individual characteristics, opportunities and experience on the other. Imagine what the process of successful climbing Mount Everest is: a set of knowledge, facts and physical skills, plus your personal self- confidence and ability to attract good luck.

Madonna, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Gerhard Richter all these people are successful in their own business, they differ from others because of absolute realism, strict requirements and own secrets on maintaining, enhancement and transformation of vital energy into concrete results.

It will work if the time and space of eternal enemies turn into your allies. By the way, for many people this alliance will remain impossible.

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