Author Julia Polivoda

What is the main trait of a civilized person?


What is the main trait of a civilized person? The answer is quite laconic and quite expectable - mind or altogether of intellect, knowledge, perception etc. Two not new but very important functions were added to this definition in our days: tolerance to the performances of another person and capability to evaluate a situation not caring about stereotypes.

A clever person is tolerable to others weaknesses. By the way, this is one of the principles of democracy, but somehow rephrased. It is very useful to treat the manifestations of imperfection calmly. First of all it saves energy, second of all – makes the social microclimate better and the last but not the least, letting the others to manifest their weaknesses, you multiply your own accomplishments and not because of the pride but in comparison solely.

Regarding stereotypes, the dictate “why, what and what for we should do” is even sterner now than in the inquisitional medieval times. And the main problem is that in that times the dictate was from outside and nowadays it has transferred into an “inner voice” of each person and has even simulated into “I think so”. The instinct for self-preservation is built upon complete conformism as this way it is easier to survive. The only problem is that those who impose us deadly dangers, bring in exit ideas into our heads from the created by them situations.

Thus, folks, the intelligent members of society by definition are not those informed, motivated, energetic, straining after high efficiency, following fashion, socially active. And their sacred belief in their own mould-breaking behavior completes their gregarious instinct and conformism. Be special, keep otherness, eventually, listen to your senses and follow your road - this is a real and not imposed happiness.

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