Bal Eclectique: the summer’s most unforgettable evening in the French Riviera


On June 26 the French Riviera hosted Bal Eclectique, a charitable social event attended by 150 members of the Russian and European elite.

At Château de la Napoule, one of the area’s most breath-taking castles, the guests enjoyed an evening full of illusions and surprises. “Eclectic throughout” was the motto of the event, and it held true for mixed classical and modern operatic arias interpreted in new and unusual ways by Vienna Opera Ball soloist Valentina Naforiţa as well as a legendary show put on by Château de Fantômas—outrageous stunts and the mesmerizing flexibility and grace of the human form. The French Riviera truly witnessed a magical evening.

The idea for the event was conceived by Club Eclectique founders Anna Nasobina, Liana Romanova, and Victoria Granovaskaya, as the club has already been holding literature evenings around Europe for several years. Anna, Liana, and Victoria did their best to create a truly unique event full of meaning and action for everyone who was there. And not only did the trio come up with a social highlight; it also became an important charitable initiative. The guest list included: Snezhana Georgievna, Victoria Lopyreva, Karina Oshroeva, Dasha Veledeeva, Margarita Buryak, Kristina Levieva, Olga and Victoria Goldovskaya, Sergej Benedetter, Ovanes Pogosyan, German Larkin, Gary Sackler, and many more.

The organizers reached back into the traditions of the last century, when Château de la Napoule witnessed parties beyond belief. They were hosted by well-known American sculptor and artist Henry Clews, Jr., who moved his workshop to the old castle in 1914. Its walls still ring with memories from Henry’s and his wife’s events, which is why it was the perfect location for the first Bal Eclectique.

All proceeds from ticket sales went to the event’s partner, Austrian Wiener Lerntafel and a charitable program called Mission, who will use them to better the lives of thousands of children in Europe and Russia. Mission organizes educational programs for children aged six to 14 from poor families, and is also spent helping orphans.

“It’s hard to make a dream come true when a child’s heart has lost hope that they can,” noted Margarita Buryak, president of Mission. “When things like that happen, you feel like your life means something. After all, this world’s greatest miracle is the ability to do good!”

Bal Eclectique was supported by Rolls Royce, Bouchard Père & Fils, and Benedesse.

The event’s informational partners were Harper’s Bazaar, Vienna Deluxe, and Bereg.