“Be before me!” premier of the play based on the work of Bella Akhmadulina


July 20, 2017 in Yacht Club de Monaсo – (Quai Louis II, 98 000 Monaco) was held a play about the work of the most amazing lyric poet of the sixties, Bella Akhamadulina. The organizer and ideological inspirer of the evening is the Club Eclectique – a closed community, uniting admirers of society receptions and literary evenings. A new series of evenings of Club Eclectique is held in Monaco, and earlier performances were presented in London and Nice.

“Be before me!” is a poetic story about joyful, painted with pure and clear colors, smelling with freedom and eternal youth of the 60s, lived and forever depicted in the lines of the beautiful Bella Akhmadulina.

Her poetry with their artistic perfection, depth and refinement of images were similar to Bella. She was always surrounded by radiance, as if she kept a small sun inside her. Being the daughter of her time, Akhmadulina blessed love in almost every poetic revelation. She was full of love, this delicate girl-woman, never having lost the “illusion of youth”.

Love was her natural state. She was in love with nature, cities, poems, men. Men worshiped her. Their adoration followed her everywhere, they wooed her, paid court to her, fell in love with her to renunciation. Three of them at different times became her destiny, her pain and joy, and she continued to live and create.

“Only the air under my skin” – wrote Akhmadulina about her own world view. And even after her leaving, there was a “glimpse”, which retained the “heavenly features”, manifested each time when meeting the charm of her poems.

In the main role is the Russian actress of theater and cinema, laureate of the “Chaika”, “Triumph” and “Golden Eagle” Viktoria Isakova.

The guests of the performance in Monaco are about 200 people – members of the Club Eclectique, society persons, businessmen, artists, chief editors of leading publications and many others.

The Club Eclectique gave guests not only unique opportunity to fully enjoy all the many facets of an intellectual evening, but also to plunge into the unique exclusive after party with jazz from Anna Kova and the DJ set from Karina Oshroeva!

Especially for this evening the designer of YANA jewelry and fashion brand Yana Raskovalova provided a new model of dress and jewelry from the last collection to the charity auction.

Partners of the event:

Beauty-partner of the evening is Brow Bar Monaco, alcoholic parterre is Beluga.
Opening day with the support of Art Golden Din Gallery.