George Performance. Life and Love of Chopin and George Sand. Immersive experience


Life is but rare happy moments to love and long, endless long waiting for this love. It has been in the past, it is in the present and likely in the future. And there are also reminders of what had come true and more often – of what might-have-been remained as evidences of foretime feeling. The most beautiful things on the Earth are filled with these evidences, making immortal the heroes of those passion.

Male and female, loving and beloved, composer, with delicate, fragile soul like spring flower he has a heart for, and drawing-room writer who called herself with male name... Frederick Chopin and Aurora Dupin, better known as George Sand are the heroes of our original screenplay.

How it could happen that people possessing such distinct personalities have been bound with such fervent while also tender love? How did they manage to keep themselves from falling apart in shallow hassles of the weekdays for the fun of high-society pleasure seekers? How in heaven's name the souls of these two produced amazing lines of love stories and music of extraordinary beauty which forever remain the symbol of their union?

Modern life featured with tenuous plots, simple melodies and short-lasting ruptured feelings rarely suggests answers to these questions from the past. Hence, chance to touch and rather get a feel for than comprehend in the logical sense the delicacy of such stories immediately makes them exclusive ones.

Our play is the gentle reminder that the world of Art is still bright and non-obvious for those who have not adapted to total primitivism presented as "novel form".

Major cast: famous Russian pianist Basiniya Shulman and actor Artyom Tkachenko. Production director — Mikhail Dovzhenko. Stage design — Viktor Shil'krot.

Sitting plan