Andrey Kurpatov "Can the brain make us happy?"


October 11, 2018 Andrey Kurpatov spoked at Royal Geographical Society building. He has chosen pending theme for his speech in London: "Can the brain make us happy?"

London has fallen in love with Andrey Kurpatov! His one-and-half hour lecture could turn into psychological marathon but for vigilant Royal Geographical Society staff with strong request to end the event in due time. Andrey Vladimirovich has delighted not only with high professionalism but also with broadmindedness, being at the same time of remarkable modesty and warmth, which distinguish real talent.

Maintaining English tradition and as a follow up to the evening event at Royal Geographical Society, Club Eclectique invited its guests to the morning behind-the-scenes meeting at Morton’s club. Branch format with informal communication at the table is the best combination of beautiful and pleasant, such as morning tea ritual, heart-to-heart talk and information that can become determinative of your whole future life.

Evening event and branch were attended by the guests who do not treat intellectual format as mere sound... VIP persons have also come to the picture, Veronika Belotserkovskaya, Diana Dementyeva, Natalya Gornayeva, Andrey Andreyev, Natalya Sarkisyan and others have been noticed there.