Creative evening with Renata Litvinova


April 20, 2018 for the first time in London, the creative evening of one of the most amazing and mysterious actresses of modern times, Renata Litvinova, took place in the building of the Royal Geographical Society.

The inviting party, the Club Eclectique and the company RSVP, gladly introduced the story about life and love, told by the actress herself.

Renata Litvinova, as a phenomenon in Russian stage art, is not afraid to be ridiculous; never plays with words, her promises are often symbolic, but they always convey the true essence, she never acts against her conscience.

While remaining by her, Litvinova is fragile and vulnerable, but behind this clear fragility a character is guessed that does not allow this gentle woman to change herself.

Her performances, films, interviews are always revelations, with a piercing sensation that touches something forbidden and more desirable.

The true actress is always many-sided and of many faces, and in that multiple degree of reincarnation, when it is difficult to determine the line between the heroine and her performer. In the case of Renata Litvinova, any of her characters is a refraction of the stage character through the prism of her many-sided soul.

All that the actress says is always easy and always difficult. And in this the charm and the fascination of true female art.

It is desirable to speak about Litvinova always in an excellent way, so high her refinement and uniqueness.

Her image, voice and narrative style are an absolute organics, unity of form and content, and, at the same time, complete eclecticism and uniqueness.

Media partners of the Creative evening are magazine Russian Thought and VV MAGAZINE.