Literary soirée “Mata Hari” in Villefranche-sur-Mer


The evening of April 11 was cold and rainy, which is not at all the characteristic of Cote d'-Azur in the middle of spring. But the rough weather did not affect the mood of the guests gathered this evening on the literary soirée of the Eclectic Club.

Cote d'-Azur... The story of an amazing woman, Mata Hari, performed by the wonderful Galina Annenkova... Today it is difficult to understand the real and invented intricacies of her hard destiny. The only thing remains unchanged is genuine interest in the personality of this unusual woman, still unchanging.

Great additions to the atmosphere of the evening were the paintings presented by the Art Golden Din gallery...

We are happy to meet at our evenings those who appreciate and love art in all its manifestations.