London premiere of "There is no everyday life in jazz, is there?"


The play, which details the life of great American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, is set to be performed on November 27 at the world-famous Institute of Directors in London. The event’s organizer and inspiration is Club Eclectique, an exclusive society of people who enjoy both social events and intellectual evenings. One of the shining lights of the Jazz Age, the writer’s life, love, and friendship will be the subject of the evening’s performance. He will be played on stage by the inimitable Egor Beroev, one of cinema’s best actors and an artist at the Moscow Art Theatre. Basinia Shulman, a fabulous graduate of Moscow Conservatory, international competition winner, and one of Russia’s up-and-coming pianists, will provide the musical accompaniment.

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The Roaring Twenties will come to life in the very heart of London: the Institute of Directors was specially selected as one of the city’s most exclusive clubs. There is no better way to be immersed in the history, watch love join hate, and see pain meet the joy of existence than to do so in the mysterious atmosphere of the room we have prepared. Around 70 people from London’s high society will be in attendance. The founders of Club Eclectique, Anna Nasobina and Yulia Neapolitanskaya, organize cultural and intellectual events for Russians living abroad. This summer they held Bal Eclectique, a charitable event that brought Russian and European elites together in the Cannes suburbs.