Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Lifelong steps. 1st rendez-vous


Club ECLECTIQUE and Private Yacht Club in Monaco invite you to share the unique event dedicated to the dance of two hearts, to the dance where each step is a longlife movement.

The play, dedicated to Rudolf Nureyev expressed through word and dance, tangled up in their own story by an invisible clue, like two moths, attracted by each other encircling a burning candle. It is the dance of two lonely hearts become one in their passions and fears. The love story of the brilliant Rudolf Nureyev and the great Margot Fonteyn, unlike any other stories about man and woman, possessed with passion and holding out their hands to unite them forever. The alliance of these two people was bound by a different nature. Ballet was that god who put together their perfect bodies, soothing the wounded hearts for a time.

Two lonely beings, two suffering souls merged in a vortex of dance, showing a breathtaking marvel to crowded theater halls around the world. Whether it was the love between a man and a woman, or just between two close relatives divided by the years of their birth, where Nureyev was the son who had abandoned his own mother in the land of his ancestors, and Margot was the loving mother, in her other life where she had never known the joy of motherhood. Or maybe these two people were related by the mystery of a surprising talent introduced in their amazing ability to dance, so clear to anyone who saw them on a stage?

The performance will share the secrets of the "great and terrible" in the wildness and scenic splendor of the dancer whilst being so infinitely lonely and vulnerable in the dimness of switched spotlights: Rudolph Nureyev, adored and hated, condemned and so captivating.

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