“NonprincIple Readings” in Monaco...


On August 8, 2018, for the first time in Monaco, on the famous terrace of the Hotel Hermitage, the famous contemporary writer Aleksandr Tsypkin introduced his new format of intellectual entertainment - “NonprincIple Readings”. The inviting party – the Club Eclectique and jewelry company Faidee...

The delightful Monte Carlo met enthusiastically NonprincIple jokes of Aleksandr Tsypkin, who first introduced his stories in Monaco. An inimitable Aleksandr Tsypkin, despising the generally accepted themes, laughed at the fact that it was still unattainable for any irony.

It is difficult to imagine a more vivid embodiment of “henpecked men”, “cynics”, “visitors of brothels” and other representatives of ours with your reality, than the images, played by Aleksandr...
“I love to tear off everyone to whom my hand reaches, I am an arrogant snob and in each barrel there are a bottom and a cover”. And how else, in our time, when laughter remains the last defense for the nervous system.

What the audience laughed and applauded is hard to call Old Testament literary readings. Rather, it is an absolute performance with a plot, intrigues, spectator sympathies and antipathies to heroes.
For the first time, this format has been chosen for its intellectual soirée by the Club Eclectique, but do not look for any accidents in this... Spiritual food is especially well-absorbed, surrounded by beautiful Monte Carlo sights, light evening sea breeze and a special atmosphere that is unique to this place. Territorial proximity to the reader immediately set the spectators into a mental order. After the reading, the audience continued to enjoy live music in the evening and surrounded by unique jewelry made of unbreakable Burmese rubies, presented by Faidee Company.

For the first time in the history of jewelry existence, more than 150 unique products with natural precious corundum from the Mogok Valley have been gathered in one place: in the Belle Epoque saloon at the luxuries Hermitage Hotel. Of course, the events of such a scale companies usually prepare from a couple of months to several years, but the company Faidee broke all the records. To create such a quantity jewels with rare stones, it took almost a century and a work of four generations of the Lunia family, who founded Faidee.

The company Faidee and the Club Eclectique thank the company Lazur Events for the help in organizing the event.