“NonprincIple Readings” by Aleksandr Tsypkin and Maksim Vitorgan


The Club Eclectique together with RSVP with media support of “VV magazine” and “Russian Thought” presented on March 16, 2018, for the first time in London, in the building of the Royal Geographical Society, the performance of Aleksandr Tsypkin and Maksim Vitorgan in the framework of the literary-theatrical project “NonprincIple Readings”.

Aleksandr Tsypkin is one of the most unusual and popular stage performances of the last time. The author of the best-sellers “Women of Adulthood” and “House of Goodbuy” practically returned to Russia literary readings, making them fashionable and in demand. Hooligan lyrics of Tsypkin read from the scene all over the world not only the author himself, who is distinguished by an unusual and memorable manner of performance, but also by such actors as Konstantin Khabensky, Danila Kozlovsky, Ingeborga Dapkunayte, Maksim Vitorgan, Katerina Shpitsa, Pavel Tabakov and others. Video versions of readings are gathering in the network hundreds of thousands of views, and theatrical evenings are held with unchanged ensembles. In many ways, the reason for success in the topics raised in the stories and best of all wrote about it critic Lenta.ru Natalya Kochetkova:

“Random contacts and public houses, unequal marriages and “domestic violence”, love sms sent to the wrong woman, and almost tragic ends. But if you carry out the brackets decorations and circumstances (although it is not easy to do it — Tsypkin has a journalistic grasp on details, a great sense of humor and words), then it turns out that these stories are still about eternal. About devotion and honor. About strong women and generous men. And even in the literal sense of love to grave”

and Director of ММАМ Olga Sviblova:

“Brilliantly written, sad and funny, these stories together with the words return us the meanings, and together with the meanings we regain experience and sensitive attitude to people”.

Tsypkin’s stories are short and ultrashort; sometimes the finished story takes no more than a page, so they are chosen not only for reading from the stage, but for the cinema. One of the first scripts written experiences of the writer was the final short story in the film of Anna Melikyan “On love. Only for adults”. The story of truth and falsehood in a married couple played by John Malkovich and Ingeborga Dapkunayte caused a stormy discussion, precisely because of the controversy of the actions of each of the heroes.

The London viewer was presented with a special program, in which a famous and new work was performed. As always, ridiculously funny stories alternated with sad but surely bright. Maksim and Aleksandr not only read, but also improvised directly on the stage.

Aleksandr Tsypkin:

“I am very glad that Maksim has shown interest in my stories, we are of one generation, one mentality, I like very much the images that he creates in his performances. Laughter and sadness, that’s what I am trying to combine in my stories. We have already read it together and it seems to me that we have found the way to convey the viewer what we are care about”.