Zelda & Fitzgerald


On 22nd and 23rd November 2018 in London a play on life and love of the great American writer Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald will be staged.

“Fitzgerald and Zelda” is a true story of a delicate and tender soul searching its way to happiness in the chaos or the Roaring Twenties of the last century.

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald are the “glorifier of the Jazz Age” and a “flapper girl”...

A rather an eccentric couple, who continuously set tongues wagging, they were the icons of their generation. The Golden Age that started after the World War I manifested itself by a burst of hedonism requiring golden calves and sacrificial lambs of its own.

"We were born for power", wrote F. Fitzgerald about his major aspiration – power over those striving for money, success, amusement… everything that was associated with the word “jazz”.

The story of love of the genius writer to his wife will be presented on stage by well-known Russian actor Egor Beroyev and the principal dancer of The Bolshoi Theater Maria Aleksandrova. The performance director - Alla Sigalova, the production designer – Andrei Sharov.